Jamia Uniform

At Jamia Al-Hudaa we expect our Aalimah daughters to dress modestly at all times. We have requirements for uniform that have to be complied with whilst at Jamia during the day.

  • Maroon Jilbab/Abaya Jilbabs should be loose and a plain design without any slits down the sides etc.
  • Black plain scarf (and must be worn securely using a safety pin etc. straight pins are not allowed due to health and safety.
  • Black Plain Cardigan
  • Sensible black shoes without laces
  • Black Shalwar Kamees & Trainers for P.E.
  • For new students; we advise parents to get in touch with the uniform supplier below and order the uniform through them.
  • Uniform Supplier Contact Details: www.Kiasikollection.co.uk | Info@kiasikollection.co.uk | Jamia Al-Hudaa Order Form