Gate Timings & Guidance

We appreciate the efforts and long journeys our parents and students undertake to study at Jamia. This is a journey of sacred knowledge and we pray that Allah SWT rewards you immensely for your efforts and hard work.

In the interest of safeguarding and security, there are appointed times for the gates to be closed. We have noted that parents are arriving at the last possible time when returning back to Jamia. Please note that it takes time to unload and say goodbye to your daughter so the target time should be earlier in the day to ensure a proper arrival.

We understand that traffic and road incidents are beyond anybody’s control but we advise that if you are not going to reach by the cut off time; then you should either return back home and arrive the following morning. Another option is if you have travelled from a long distance is to book accommodation close by and then bring your daughter in the morning for when the gate is opened.

This page has been created as to avoid confusion and inconvenience for all our parents and students In Shaa Allah.
Please do not call the office or supervisor office to ask them to open the gates after the appointed times as they are not authorised to do so.

Any students travelling from abroad need to make prior arrangements for timings with the head teacher via the secretary office.

We hope that you will cooperate with us in the interest of protecting our daughters at Jamia Al-Hudaa.

Gate Timings

Monday to Saturday (Teaching Days in Calendar) – 8am to 4.30pm
(We advise to arrive by 4pm at latest in order to leave by gate closing time)

Sunday – 10am to 4.30pm
(We advise to arrive by 4pm at latest in order to leave by gate closing time)

Please note that reception & secretary office closing time is 4pm.