Student Facilities

The building was used as the Headquarters for the Nottingham Health Authority until the early 1990’s. Both the buildings and grounds are well suited for a residential establishment. Jamia Al-Hudda is located in the City of Nottingham in the area known as Mapperley Park, which is a quiet and peaceful residential area.

The building itself is in good condition and consists of five blocks covering an area of approximately 75 000 sq.ft. In total there are over 200 rooms, which are used as classrooms, offices and student accommodation. Jamia Al-Hudaa offers excellent residential facilities for female students. Apart from the residential accommodation, the Jamia has an excellent dining hall, study area and a library; an on-site laundry facility is also available. The site has an outdoor play area as well as an indoor recreational area.

The location for the Jamia has been carefully selected. Many factors were considered before choosing a suitable site. These factors are:

  • The privacy and suitability for a girls’ Jamia.
  • Easy access for the community.
  • Good communication links.
  • Secure for the purpose.