Home Learning

Dear parents and guardians,

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are hoping to make the most out of remote learning via Google Classroom. We also hope that this can be used in future for work during holidays In Shaa Allah.

Jazaakumullah Khairan and thank you for your responses so far.

Please ensure that you create new emails for your daughter with Gmail if you already have not done so. this will make it easy to identify students for the teaching staff.

Jazaakumullah khairan.


Ps. Do not forget that we will be updating our resources page as well. Visit it by clicking here.

Update 08.01.2021

How to use the codes to join the Classroom(s)?
Click on this guide to join a classroom (you will require the codes in the below table):
Joining a class using a code

Click on the invite links below;

C1a Class Invite Link

C1b Class Invite Link

C2a Islamic Sciences

C2a National Curriculum

C2b Islamic Sciences

C2b National Curriculum

C3 Islamic Sciences

C3 National Curriculum

C4 Islamic Sciences

C4 National Curriculum

C5 Islamic Sciences

C5 National Curriculum

C6 Class Invite Link

C7 Class Invite Link

16+1 Class Invite Link

16+2 Class Invite Link

16+3 Class Invite Link